Growth Opportunities

We have a strong track record for achieving long-term growth.

  • Since 2003, the company has grown operating revenue from $5.2 million to $1.3 billion and net income from a loss of $300,000 per year to a profit of $169.6 million in 2020.
  • Over the same period, shareholder equity has grown from $4.3 million to $767.5 million.
  • Since 2003, shareholder capital increased at a CAGR of 30%, off the back of revenues that grew 33%.


Changes in market structure continue to favor our long-term growth strategy.

  • Consolidation in the financial services industry continues in the wake of regulatory changes effected after 2008, as large banks have de-risked their portfolios and shed both capabilities and clients that are no longer cost-effective to maintain.
  • During this time, we have been opportunistic, yet disciplined consolidators – making acquisitions only where there is:
    • a good cultural fit (client first)
    • clear strategic value in the form of either client relationships or added capabilities
    • the ability to be financially accretive quickly


We see more opportunities to increase the size and reach of our network.

  • We are focused on adding new products, capabilities, markets and liquidity venues for our clients - either organically or through disciplined acquisitions.
  • We are focused on expanding into client segments and geographies where we are under-represented, by acquiring suitable talent through recruitment or acquisition of teams.


We’ve only begun to leverage the advantages of our global network.

  • We are focused on more tightly integrating our offerings, platforms, marketing strategy and client experience in order to drive cross-selling and client acquisition.
  • We are focused on increasing the digitization of our platform by investing in client-facing technology – through an efficient mix of proprietary and industry-standard platforms to better leverage our intellectual capital in driving revenue growth.

Meet the Team

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